AKA or Cassper Nyovest: Who is Richer? (See Their Net Worth)

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South African music industry is full of talented (and wealthy) individuals. Today, we are going to talk about two of the richest rappers on the scene, AKA and Cassper Nyovest, and compare their fortunes. Check out this article to find out who is richer: AKA or Cassper Nyovest. 


Who is AKA? 

AKA (rapper) was born as Kiernan Jarryd Forbes on January 28, 1988 in Cape Town, South Africa. When Kiernan was in high school, he and his friends made a band called Entity, but that did not go far. In 2009, he made himself known by releasing several loud tracks, such as In My Walk or Do it. Two years later, AKA released his debut album titled Altar Ego, and things went on from there.

Since then, the rapper has released two more critically acclaimed albums, won several awards, including the GQ award for being the Best Dressed Man, opened for some of the biggest names in the industry (Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and Big Sean, just to name a few) and just generally been enjoying his fame.

You can find the artist @akaworldwide on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where he shares snippets of his incredibly luxurious life. But exactly how wealthy is he? Let’s find out.

But exactly how wealthy is he? Let’s find out.


AKA net worth

Mr. Forbes here is certainly living up to his last name, because boy, is he rich! According to TheNetWorthPortal, AKA is worth $11.4 million! Over the years, his wealth has managed to accrue quite a bit, thanks to his talents in music and business.

AKA is a very successful musician, and he owes a large portion of his wealth to that. His debut album was certified gold, while his second album managed to become platinum in South Africa. To add to that, the tickets to his tours sold out like hot cakes, allowing the artist to rake in heaps of money.

However, apart from being a successful and popular music artist, AKA is also a cunning entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Beam Group, a company, which comprises of several subsidiaries:

  • Supa Mega Show deals with concert productions;
  • Supa Mega Merchandise creates and distributes clothes and accessories created by AKA himself;
  • The AKA Foundation is a non-profit initiative that provides financial assistance to young South Africans;
  • IIIRDWRLD is an online platform and creative agency.

AKA is also the Chairman of Beam Digital, a company that provides talent with technology and services to have a better engagement with their followers and manage their earnings. Judging by this, AKA is a very busy man!

In addition to having his own business, he also endorses others. For instance, AKA has deals with Reebok, Betway (online betting platform), Cruz Vodka, as well as several others.



The wealth of AKA seeps into in his lifestyle and fashion sense. You can rarely catch him without a Rolex on his wrist or wearing something unfashionable. He also seems to be fond of luxurious means of transportation, as he owns a blue 2016 BMW X6M. While he is off tour, AKA stays at his gorgeous mansion in South Africa, which must have cost him quite a lot of money.

But enough about AKA, let’s talk about Cassper Nyovest.


Who is Cassper Nyovest? 

Refiloe Maele Phoolo, who many of you know as the South African rapper and producer Cassper Nyovest, was born on December 16, 1990 in Mafikeng. Just like AKA, he started out young, as in 2004, he was a part of a band called Childhood Gangsta. The artist then moved on to the group called Slow Motion, but even then, he knew that he wanted to go solo, and that was exactly what he did.

After being featured on HHP’s track called Wamo Tseba Mtho, Cassper earned his shot at fame, and he used it wisely. In 2013, he released his first single, and a year later, the world saw his debut album Tsholofelo.

Ever since then, the musician has been enjoying his fame, as he got to perform on the same stage as many renowned hip-hop artists, see his singles top the music charts and become quite a star. Find him @CassperNyovest on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see more of his life.

What is interesting is that Nyovest actually owes a bit of his fame to AKA, as the two artists have had beef since the beginning of Cassper’s career. Both of the musicians recorded diss tracks about one another, which gained quite a lot of attention to both of them. Taking into account that Cassper Nyovest has a history with AKA, it is interesting to see whether he has managed to become quite as rich as his adversary. Make your prediction before you continue reading.


Cassper Nyovest net worth 

Now, when it comes to Cassper’s net worth, things get a little complicated. It seems like nobody can come to the unanimous decision about it! For instance, TheNetWorthPortal puts it at $800 thousand, while CelebrityNetWorth claims that it is as much as $3 million.

Either way, if you have guessed that Cassper Nyovest was richer than AKA, unfortunately, you were wrong. That said, the younger artist has not been around for as long as AKA, and he still has a bright future ahead of him.

This comparison aside, Cassper is still very wealthy. Not every artist can boast such fortunes as Nyovest. In addition to the sales of his music and concert tickets, the musician also earns income through his own record label called Family Tree (founded in 2014).

In addition to that, he endorses several big brands, such as Castle Lite, KFC and Ciroc. The latter deal is reported to be worth about $2.5 million, but it might be just a rumour. In 2015, Cassper collaborated with MTN and AG Mobile to release a phone called AG Hashtag, which he partly designed.

Nyovest enjoys life to the fullest, wearing brand clothes and accessories, driving luxurious cars and living in big mansions. He has a house in Kyalami, a BMW, and he dreams about getting a new Rolls Royce. Who knows, maybe in a few months, his dreams might come true!

As you can see, Cassper still has a long way to go before he can have a wealth-measuring contest with someone like AKA. However, taking into account how fast he is growing, we are certain it will not take all that long before he gets there. Nevertheless, both of these artists are very talented and deserve all the success and wealth that they have. Good luck to both of them in their careers!

Source: Naija.ng


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