10 Most Overpriced Sneakers (Check Out List)

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Sneakers that aren’t worth their price tag, no matter the circumstance.

In today’s times, where the price of sneakers appears to keep increasing incrementally, some costs are beginning to get a tad out of hand. Without a question, not every sneaker can be sold at a low cost, as variables like quality materials and tinier production figures typically call for a heftier price tag. However in the cases we’re presenting to you today, the usurious price tags are making a mockery of both potential buyers and the sneaker game in general.

For instance, there’s a pair of kicks on this list that can run you upward of $12,000. Yes, $12K and the shoes don’t even come with a marching band, parade or anything! Kicks with extraordinarily high price tags, however, are not all that have made it onto this list. Some of the sneakers we’ve highlighted below are just downright unappealing — whether the concept is totally senseless, the color scheme is a complete eyesore, or in some cases even both — on top of that, even these kicks are far from cheap and indeed don’t deserve their requesting price.

Come with us, as we explore the top 10 most overpriced sneakers of all time. Providing you have any of the following sneakers in your sneaker collection, please, sound off below and enlighten us as to why you feel the said shoe was worth your hard earned duckets.


Balenciaga Triple S — $795 & up

With a price tag of $795, you can see why this sneaker made our list. Personally, would you pay $795 to rock these slightly-dirty-looking kicks around your neighborhood? If you said no, than there’s really not much more for us to say.

Nike Air Mag — $7,500-$12,000

Seriously? For the price of these sneakerss…can purchase yourself a new vehicle! These are different and a bit eye-popping, we give Nike that. However, unless you are literally going back to the future, than the price tag for these are beyond over-the-top.

Adidas NMD R1 Bape — $1,380-$5,000

No disrespect to Adidas and BAPE, but these shoes are quite horrendous. On top of being dreadful, they come with a price tag of $1,380-$5,000 too!? We simply can’t wrap our minds around the sneaker’s concept, let alone the cost.

VLONE Nike Air Force 1 — $1,250-$2,500

Now, we’re open-minded. Therefore, if you see a justifiable reason as to why these Nike’s cost $1,250-$2,500 then please, comment and let us know. We’re fans of Air Force 1’s, no doubt; though in this case, we just don’t see the reason for the hefty price tag, save for the benefit of touting the “VLONE” brand, which, really, what clout does that even bring you when all is said and done?

N.E.R.D x adidas NMD — $3,275-$8,270

Dear Pharrell, you are our guy and we love your work; however, bro we are not paying $3,275-$8,270 for these kicks! Not saying this is a bad shoe; it’s actually a little stylish and appears to be very comfy. Nonetheless, even if the super producer delivered a pair of these in-person to our doorstep and then bust out in a live rendition of “Happy” right there on the spot, they still wouldn’t be worth the pricey tag.



Golden Goose Leather Superstar Low — $500-$600

Now is it us, or do these shoes look as if someone ran around outside in some dirty snow, came home, took them off and said “I’ma sell these now for $600!” The origin of these kicks is unknown, why in the world where they created in the first place? No matter, there is no way anyone (in their right mind) ought to pay upwards of $500 for these.

Under Armour Curry 4 Championship Pack — $400

Steph Curry is the truth, but the real truth is, these kicks are incredibly overvalued. The shoes are not the most unattractive we’ve seen, though they are pretty unsightly. $400 for these is really, REALLY steep. Would you do it?

Yeezy 750 Boost — $2,250-$4,500

The Yeezy shoe line has been deemed by majority of sneakerheads as the most overrated sneakers on the market, and here, we see why. These look exceptionally comfortable, we give Ye that. However, 1) they look like some suede snow-boot sneakers, and 2) do you know what you could do with $4,500? You could take a week-long cruise in the tropics, come home, buy a month’s worth of groceries and STILL have money left over. Two thumbs down on this price tag.

Jordan XX8 Why Not — $200-$400

Do we even have to say why $200-$400 is too much to pay for these? Nah. The shoe pretty much speaks for itself. Russell Westbrook was wildin’ with these, period. Receiving these kicks for free would be paying too much for them.

Lonzo Ball’s ZO2 — $695-$1,195

Aside from the ZO2’s being unpleasant to look at, Lonzo Ball has yet to prove himself in the NBA and thus far has done nothing to convince us that his kicks are worth paying $695-$1,195 for. Indeed Lonzo’s dad, LaVar Ball, is entertaining and a character in his own right. Though, not even LaVar himself could persuade us to pay the asking price tag for his son’s shoes.


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