Young Thug, Gunna & Lil Baby – Chanel (Go Get It)

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Young Thug Chanel (Go Get It)


Young Thug has put a cap on his output for most of 2018. At first, he alleged he wouldn’t drop any music for the entire year, but he eventually treated fans to the three-song EP Hear No Evil, a release with such high replay value that we could have probably made it through the rest of the year even if that was the only collection of music we received (!), although we would have done it begrudgingly.

Meanwhile, as Thug willingly took the backseat, doing his best not to become too mainstream or radio-friendly (despite the catchiness of Hear No Evil, there was an entire song about the variety of drugs he does), the masses were introduced to his offspring — namely, Gunna and Lil Baby. These two in particular have a vocal cadence comparable to Thug, while still managing to differentiate themselves with flows and lyrical quirks, ensuring that any fan of Thug would also be a fan of theirs, without feeling as though we’d been hoodwinked into liking them.


Baby and Gunna soon became internet/cult favorites, collaborating with each other to such great effect (“Sold Out Dates,” “Throwing Shade,” “Life Goes On,” “Oh Okay”…) that an announcement of a joint project, the perfectly-titled Drip Harder, had us riled up. They gave us enough dope music to fill the hole in our heart that Thugger’s lack of music left.

Today, though, marks the proper return of Thug, and we couldn’t be more excited. We get a good dose of Baby and Gunna on Slime Language, while also getting more familiar with the lesser-known offspring; we even get to hear Jerrika Karlae’s first musical output (honestly not that bad, it might exceed the HiDoraah feature– Thugger’s sister). Of course though, we had to go to the Baby-Gunna-Thug collaboration. “Chanel (Go Get It)” kicks off with the Wheezy tag; it’s as luxurious as the song title suggests. The production is defined by the hollowness that contorts around shaky hi-hats a warped horn sound, and a sprinkling of keys. While we still want Drip Harder, this is another bit of proof that we could also do with a Slimes Drip Harder release too (I just titled that myself, you get the idea).

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