President Buhari is a disgrace and an unrepentant failure to Nigeria – Amb. Erhahon Prince Edoseghe

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President Mohammadu Buhari is disgrace and an unrepentant failure to Nigeria.

One of the good qualities of a leader the ability to accept their faults and own up to their responsibilities. No leader has ever succeeded by passing blames. Yet, Shameless Buhari tries to draw sympathy from the international community by blaming Nigerian youths for his failure. Referring to Nigerian youths as “Lazy” is a balant insult on the industrious and hardworking Nigerian youths, even though this is not his first. The timing is however a signal to Nigerians that Buhari was a mistake from the beginning and must be undone latest 2019.
There is auguably any country in the world whose youths are as hardworking as Nigeria’s. Nigeria is one the few countries whose population primarily do not depend on the government to survive. They make things happen and work for themselves. Yet our government have failed us more times than we can count. Most painful of all is the fact that this government took advantage of the yearning desire of Nigerians for change and beguiled innocent and unsuspecting citizens into falling for their “project doom” coated as “change”. Now a Shameless president rules, and he ridicules us in the presence of the world.
This must serve as wake-up call to Nigerians particularly the vast number of the population made up of the youths. This is a spit on our face, an insult to us individually and collectively. A license for Nigerians harassment by governments and citizens of other countries. We must fight it and redeem ourselves from the daunted image of us painted by our clueless miscreant of a president.
We have suffered enough in the hands of these governments, and we alone can deliver ourselves from the grips of these greedy leaders. Let us come together and move our country forward. Stop recycling leaders, support younger candidates. Work with the grassroots in order to develop Nigeria. Join hands against corrupt leaders and keep Nigeria clean.
This government has failed, so have the once before. Therefore this neither a case of “either, or” nor a case of “Neither, nor.” They have both failed. Nigeria needs a new party to bring sanity to the system and government. At this Junction, I want to call on all Nigerians, home and abroad to join hands with the GRASSROOTS DEVELOPMENT PARTY OF NIGERIA (GDPN), one of the few political parties in Africa with a sincere motive to put Nigeria and Africa on the global map of glory. Let us make Nigerians smile again. Let us make Nigeria happy again.
God bless Nigeria! God bless Nigerians! God bless Africa!
Chairman GDPN South Africa & Leader of the Africa forum.