Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s “Everything Is Love”: Twitter Reacts

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As usual, fans were ripe with opinions about the surprise project as soon as it was released.


With no warning, Beyoncé and Jay-Z released their long-rumored collaborative project exclusively on Tidal Saturday evening. The 9-track project, titled Everything Is Love, features contributions from Ty Dolla $ign, Pharrell, Quavo, Offset, Nav, and many more. The release also came complete with a Louvre-set video for “APESHIT,” and fans of the Carters (their official group name) did not know how to process it all.

If you happened to be on Twitter anytime after 6 last night, you probably saw your fair share of opinions, memes, and jokes about the project. Discussion centered around the possible passive-aggressive move towards Nas and Kanye West, who released Nasir on Friday, Beyoncé’s impressive rapping abilities, the links between Lemonade, 4:44, and Everything Is Love, and the mixed feelings about Tidal subscriptions.

Check out some of the most popular and memorable tweets about the album below. You can listen to the full project, via Taial (it’s also available for purchase), here.


Gena-mour Barrett


Beyoncé has all six infinity stones.

Frederick Joseph


Those of us who didn’t listen to that Kanye album and that Nas album being blessed by Beyoncé and Jay for holding out.

elexus jionde.


Poor Beyoncé. She doesn’t have a Beyoncé. She can entertain and perform for herself, but nobody can do it for her on that same level. A shame

Cindy Kimberly


I literally have tidal just for Beyoncé ugh her mind

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I thought that photo of Bey and Jay next to the Mona Lisa couldn’t get any more iconic. I should have known Beyonce always delivers & tops herself!!!

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A visual representation of the Beyhive listening to

Beyoncé verses: Jay Verses:

Damien Scott@thisisdscott

Beyonce interpolating the lyrics from the song Hov wrote for Dr. Dre is a flex I could have never imagined.

Kazeem Famuyide


Hov been rapping elite for two and a half decades.

Veronica’s Youngest@KoolestKidOut

Father’s Day weekend was appropriate for Hov to son Kanye again.

Beyrion Stannister@Simply_Nadia

Hov: “Im good on any MLK Blvd”


Bey: “? HE GOOD!”



Jay and Beyonce dropped? Cmon let Nas breath Hov that Ether thing is over lol


Hov and Bey really went back-and-forth on this shit. They’re just having fun with it (and us)

Veronica’s Youngest@KoolestKidOut

I love that Hov forgets nothing.

Rap Game Forrest Gump ??@Sixfever

Lemonade = Her Story
4:44 = His Story
Everything Is Love = Our story

Aubrey ‘Aubz@AubreyChiibi

Lemonade: you cheating bastard, how dare you cheat on all of this

4:44: I’m sorry, I’m a rubbish of a man, I can do better, I’ll be better

Everything is love: regardless of what has happened in the past we love each other and we are better off together.



Not commenting on w hyperbolic tawkthis early in but I already know I dig it enough to listen again and will get spins in my sets. Just based on letting the music do the talking. No antics no bs. Just *BOOM*

legends only@narryyonce

im lowkey tired of praising Beyoncé every time but bich we must give credit where credit is due. this is greatness! ?

Philip Lewis


Y’all: we don’t want Jay Z on your next album please dont


kenni ?@_kennibr

Spotify and Apple Music users watching us Tidal users enjoy

Desus Nice


when u see “tidal exclusive” and u gotta create for another login


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