20 Things You Should NEVER Say to Girls on Their Period (Need To Know)

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If there’s one thing everyone should be aware of, it’s what you shouldn’t say to a girl who’s dealing with her period. Save yourself *and her* the hassle.


Some girls get blessed with an easy period where they feel no pain and only have to deal with it for a few days. They also have minimal symptoms when it’s on the way and therefore, they may not understand those of us who writhe in pain once a month all thanks to mother nature.

Some women deal with extreme irritation, cramps that would make a stab wound feel like a papercut, and cravings that only a heavily pregnant woman would understand. Sure, all of these things put together can make us just a tad bit sensitive to the things around us—like what you say, for example.


Do yourself a favor and DON’T say these things to a girl on her period

Rather than writing off your lady as “crazy” when she’s on her period, it can be helpful to take a moment to really think about how what you say and do might come off to her. Because her emotions are on high alert, not to mention the utter pain she’s feeling, she may act a little different. So why not help her out a little, especially during this time of the month, and refrain from saying ANY of the following phrases.

#1 “What, are you on your period or something?” If the answer is no, you’re in trouble. If the answer is yes, you’re in even bigger trouble. So SHUSH. Just because a woman expresses emotions doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s on her period. It’s called being human. Try it sometime.

#2 “Go take some Midol.” Really?! As if Midol is the cure-all for everything a woman might be going through. Before you let this one slip, take a minute to reevaluate the situation. We suggest finding a more constructive comment to make.

#3 “Do you need a tampon or something?” And what’s so bad if she does? Tampons don’t make a person weak—saying idiotic, meaningless phrases like this do.

#4 “Cramps don’t hurt that bad.” Have you ever felt like Edward Scissorhands were trying to pry himself out of your pelvic region? No? Oh, well then SHUT UP.

#5 “Talk to me after you period is over.” Okay. How about I talk to you NEVER again and see how that works out for the both of us?

#6 “So…since you’re on your period. Blowjob week, then?” No. A bleeding vagina in absolutely no way correlates with your getting head. In fact, asking this might have the opposite affect that you’d intended. Instead, how about YOU pamper HER this week?


#7 “PMS isn’t real.” We might say the same for the pain you feel when something comes into contact with your “boys,” right?

#8 “Stop complaining.” We bleed for almost a week straight once EVERY MONTH. We have earned the right to complain every now and again.

#9 “Will some chocolate make you be nice?” How about instead of asking this, you take some time out of your day to do something nice for her, out of the goodness of your heart?

#10 “Are you ever going to change out of sweatpants?” Again, she’s is PAIN. Let her be comfortable. And instead of saying something like this, why not give her a compliment instead?

#11 “Oh, now I know why you’ve been crabby the past couple days.” Or maybe it’s because you’re an insensitive nitwit? Be wary of writing off your rude ways as “just her period.”

#12 “Gross.” If you’re still of the mindset that periods are “gross,” then you’re probably not mature enough to be in a real relationship in the first place.

#13 “Why are you crying?” If you’re going to ask this, be prepared for an answer along the lines of, “I don’t really know.” Instead of bothering her about it, lend her a shoulder.

#14 “At least you’re not pregnant! That’s good, right?” Yes. Yes it is good. You know what else would be good? If you never said that, ever.

#15 “You’re just using this as an excuse to be crabby.” She doesn’t need an excuse to be crabby. If she’s not feeling well, let her be. Don’t exacerbate the situation.

#16 “FYI, I’m not buying you tampons.” Again, if you’re not mature enough to be able to purchase a box of tampons like a man, then she can probably do better than you, anyway. We’re guessing the same goes for buying condoms as well…

#17 “You’re being too sensitive.” Have you ever considered that maybe you’rebeing insensitive?

#18 “Just calm down.” This is already a dangerous phrase to say to any woman whose temper may be flying, but to say this to a gal who’s on her period? If you want to live to see the next day, don’t say it.

#19 “It’s only for a few days. That’s not so bad.” Just don’t bring this up. Not unless you want a chronological breakdown of how many times this has to happen for “only a few days.” When it all adds up, women spend an insane amount of their lives on their periods, or being pregnant, or going through menopause. Just be grateful all you have to worry about is your sperm count.

#20 “I guess I’ll just talk to you in a few days, then.” If you say this, you’re done for. There is no turning back and no making up. BYE.

Sometimes periods aren’t the worst thing, and girls aren’t always in a cranky mood because of them. However, tread lightly and show your girl some understanding and respect. Make her life easier, not harder, by avoiding these phrases.